The research team from CetRESav is opened to and interested in developing scientific collaborations with partners from Romania and abroad in the following forms:

  • Participation in collaborative national and international research projects, including projects within EU (FP-7, EURATOM, ESF, COST) programmes;

  • Specialized training in the field of advanced ESR techniques for master and PhD students, as well as post-doctoral training in the frame of collaborations with¬†University centers.¬†


  • Measurements performed with the equipment available in CetRESav for the teaching staff, students and researchers from Universities and research centers and for experts from companies involved in both R-D and industrial activities.

  • Expert ESR data analysis with up-to-date specific software;

  • Correlation of ESR data with structural and optical measurements data.

  • Technical advice and consultation in ESR and related investigation techniques.

Access to services offered by CetRESav can be obtained by submitting an application to the head of CetRESav, Dr. Vasile Sergiu Nistor (

Active scientific collaborations