Research projects with major contributions from CETRESAV (2007-2016)

  • PNII 65CP/2007: "Modernization and development of advanced ESR techniques in NIMP", Project director: Dr. Sergiu V. Nistor
  • PNII / ID 523/2009: "Quantum confinment in electron paramagnetic resonance of transition metal ions in wide band-gap nanomaterials", Project director: Dr. Sergiu V. Nistor
  • PNII /ID 233/2008: "Laser processing of defects induced in silicon by RF plasma hydrogenation. Contribution to the development of SOI technology", Project director: Dr. Corneliu Ghica
  • PNII /ID 74/2011: "Modulating the semiconductor properties of quantum dots with lattice defects", Project director: Dr. Leona C. Nistor
  • PNII/ID 72/2011: "Comprehensive investigation on bulk radiation damage in defect engineered silicon – from point defects to clusters", Project director: Dr. Ioana Pintilie
  • PNII-RU-TE-283/2015: "Distribution and dynamics of paramagnetic impurities in nanostructured ZnO for advanced applications in spintronics, opto- and nano-electronics", Project director: Dr. Daniela Ghica
  • Partnership in the project PN II 38/2014 (INFLPR): "Antireflex coating for high power lasers with ultra-short pulses". Project coordinator for NIMP: Dr. Sergiu V. Nistor
  • Partnership in the project STAR CDI 94/2013 (IMT): "Investigation of semiconductor oxide materials performance for space environment applications", Project responsible for NIMP: Dr. Mariana Stefan

International collaborations:

  • Partner facility in the CERIC-ERIC Research Infrastructure
    Contact person: Dr. Mariana Stefan
  • Collaborative research project: “Development of new advanced multifunctional materials containing defects”, Foreign partner: Department of Physics, University of Antwerp (UA), Belgium. Project co-directors: Prof. Etienne Goovaerts (UA) and Dr. Sergiu V. Nistor (NIMP)