Main scientific results (published and/or presented at scientific conferences):

  • Synthesis and characterization by structural, ESR and optical spectroscopy techniques of high quality small nanocrystals of pure and Mn2+ doped cubic ZnS with a tight size distribution self-assembled into a mesoporous structure.

  • Determination of accurate spin Hamiltonian parameters for the Mn2+ impurity ions localized at substitutional and surface sites of cubic ZnS quantum dots by multifrequency ESR investigations.

  • Preferential localization of the Mn2+ ions in the core of the cubic ZnS quantum dots at substitutional sites next to an extended planar lattice defect determined from correlated ESR and HRTEM investigations.

  • Observation and characterization by multifrequency ESR of new paramagnetic point defects in nominally pure and doped superhard cubic BN crystals.